Use cases

  • Ship-to-shore, shore-to-ship

    Take-off and land anywhere, literally. Fly low and stay under the radar.

  • Reduce load carried by troops

    Fly over terrain and hazards, no lives risked. Resupply remote operations with MREs, batteries, medical supplies.

  • Offshore operations

    On-demand resupply capability to remote platforms. Both ways. For cost-efficient logistics at scale.

Latest Videos

Autonomous mission (link)

Autonomous airdrop to moving platform

Autonomous dropoff


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About Skyways

The genesis of Skyways starts in early 2017 after years of frustration with the traffic in Silicon Valley. Why are we all stuck on the ground, bumper to bumper?
Seeing tremendous growth in unmanned aviation along with new advances in energy storage and electric propulsion, an opportunity was born to create a new form of transportation.
With an amazing team of engineers and based near Austin TX, we joined YCombinator in the summer of 2017. We haven't stopped working since then.



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